Colour World 2024!

Our very own Beverley Rosser, got asked to be on stage at Kevin Murphy Colour World 2024 showcasing the Show Pony Tape Extensions and her expertise in applying tape extensions to create various looks.

She focused on creating a chemical-free balayage technique, which is perfect for those who'd prefer not to lighten their own hair or for those who's hair may already be a little bit more fine and fragile.

After applying the tapes Beverley then went in to style her model using Kevin Murphy's Heated Defense for heat protection, Kevin Murphy's Ever Bounce to help with hold and movement through-out the hair, the GHD Soft Curl Wand and before dressing the hair out she sprayed it with Kevin Murphy's Session Flex for a long lasting hold but still allowing the hair to have the freedom and movement her model wanted.

Additionally, she demonstrated how to apply tape extensions on to a more textured hair type to add a flash of colour, creating a stunning unique style, as people who have more texture to their hair it can sometimes be dryer and more fragile compared to the more straighter textured hair. So by Beverley showcasing with Show Pony tape extensions and introducing more versatile options for adding colour in to the hair using a chemical-free service but still achieving the look your client desires.

After Beverley applied the tapes she then went in and styled over her models hair using Kevin Murphy Heated Defense for heat protection, the GHD Creative Wand to enhance her models natural curl and adding in more definition by doing so and to finish off she used Kevin Murphy's Doo.Over Spray to add a more textured feel and also helping add in volume from root to tip. 

Written by Ruby Mccabe
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