The Big Short - Why Everyone’s Loving Cropped Hair

At Rosser Hair, we’ve noticed that many of our clients are ditching their long locks and opting for shorter styles instead. We’re not surprised, as there are loads of advantages of having short hair! With the likes of Emma Willis, Jada Pinkett Smith all sporting beautiful cropped cuts, there’s no reason why you couldn’t pull it off too. Find out why everyone’s loving short hair at the moment:


There’s loads of styles to try.

From bobs to tapered afros, there are so many short hairstyles to choose from! There’s some for everyone, and what’s great is that they suit a range of face shapes too. If you have a long face, a textured lob (long bob) with a side parting would bring out and emphasise your cheekbones. On the other hand if your face is rounder, a geometric pixie cut would balance out your face beautifully. 


It looks fabulous when dyed a bright colour. 

One of the best things about having a short haircut is that you can easily get away with dyeing it a bold, vibrant shade. When you have a cropped cut, it doesn’t matter too much when your roots start to show as it tends to blend into your layered hair better. With this in mind, you can easily try out exciting shades such as light purples, greys, greens and pinks with no hesitation at all!


It’s empowering.

For years women have been chopping off their long locks as a form of liberating self-expression. From Joan of Arc’s iconic 13th century bob to the flapper-era cropped cuts that were a symbol of emancipation, there’s definitely something freeing about lifting (well, cutting…) that weight of your shoulders - quite literally.


Your hair will grow back!

Ultimately, if you go for ‘the chop’ and decide that it’s not for you, it’s not going to take long to grow back. If you have fine hair and are worried that cutting it short will leave it limp and volumeless, we have a range of hair products dedicated to bringing your locks back to life. Now go and get that chop!

Written by Beverley Rosser