Balmain Homme Gift Set

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This luxurious Balmain Homme Gift Set contains all the grooming essentials you need. This gift set, designed especially for men contains a collection of products perfumed with the intense oriental, woody fragrance of Balmain Homme that combines the invigorating citric freshness of Bergamot with the woody aspect of dry Sandalwood.

This set contains:

Balmain Homme Hair & Body Wash - Hydrating 2-in-1 formula that gently cleanses hair and body in one step. Gives a long-lasting fragrance and will leave your hair and skin feeling healthy and soft.

Balmain Homme Beard Oil - Daily nourishing treatment that adds moisture to facial hair and skin. The beard oil is formulated with ingredients to soften, hydrate and tame facial hair while promoting hair growth. Absorbs quickly without leaving any greasy residue. Comes with a comb.

Balmain Homme Scalp ScrubDesigned to give your scalp a luxurious detox and exfoliation. Enriched with soluble crystals that effectively removes dirt, product build-up and excess sebum. The cleansing formula fights against dandruff and stimulates the blood circulation to promote hair growth and health while exfoliating the scalp, leaving your scalp healthy, soft and revitalized.

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