Davines MELU - Edit

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The Davines MELU - Edit is a discounted bundle exclusive to Rosser Hair. Designed to protect hair, prevent breakage, repair split ends and improve hair health while saving. 

This bundle includes:

Davines MELU Shampoo - Anti-breakage shampoo for long or damaged hair. Gently cleanses the hair, making it shiny and silky. Its natural active ingredients help to hydrate and repair split ends, leaving your hair stronger and healthier.

Davines MELU Conditioner - Anti-breakage conditioner that moisturises the hair, nourishes the ends and prevents their breakage. The formula smooths, softens and detangles hair.

Davines MELU Hair ShieldProtects all types of hair from stress caused by straightening or blow-drying. Anti-static action that leaves hair soft, shiny, smooth and protected against heat damage of up 230°C. The natural active ingredients nourish while protecting all hair types.

This bundle comes perfectly packed with one of our lovely Rosser Hair bags 💝

Start with Davines MELU Shampoo:

1) Apply a small amount to wet hair 

2) Gently massage into scalp, mid-lengths and ends and repeat if needed 

Follow with Davines MELU Conditioner:

1) Apply a small amount to mid-lengths and ends 

2) Comb through, leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse

Finish with Davines MELU Hair Shield:

1) Apply 10-15 sprays to towel-dried hair

2) Comb through, then follow with your desired styling products

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