GHD Helios Hair Dryer In Alluring Jade


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Banish bad blow dries with the dreamland collection GHD helios hair dryer, coated in an ethreal alluring jade and finished with metallic pink accents, all wrapped up in a coordinating wash bag.

The GHD helios sets a new standard with its lightweight build and enhanced speed, offering unparalleled precision and styling control. The Aeroprecis technology, merges internal aerodynamic design with a custom contoured nozzle, culminating in focused temperature and airflow distribution. This design creates effortless styling, providing you with precise control and improved hair alignment. Experience the GHD helios hair dryer's powerful performance and compelling styling results.

Utilizing cutting-edge ionic technology for minimizing frizz and flyaways, the GHD helios® hairdryer provides a flawless outcome, with smooth and shiny results. With its adjustable temperature and speed settings, you have the power to create any desired style, bringing a professional-level blow-dry experience right to your fingertips.

With your styling experience in mind, GHD helios boasts an optimised weight distribution and ergonomic balance for seamless, effortless styling.

Enter the GHD dreamland and experience the phenomenon of good hair days with GHD helios.

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