Kevin Murphy Detox Me Hydrate Gift Set

£49.00 £72.00

Detoxify while giving hair a moisture boost with this Limited Edition Kevin Murphy Detox Me Hydrate Gift Set. Perfect for dry and dehydrated hair.

WORTH £72 - SAVE £23 💝

This set includes:

HYDRATE-ME.WASH - Hydrating and smoothing shampoo. Provides essential moisture boost to nourish dry, parched locks, and transforms the look and feel of split ends.

HYDRATE-ME.RINSE - Hydrating and smoothing conditioner, designed to restore and replenish hair in need of repair. Designed to hide any signs of damage and leave a smoother cuticle.

MAXI.WASH (FREE) - Designed to remove the build-up of excess oils and unwanted product residue. It includes ingredients to promote hair growth, add softness and moisture, dissolve dead skin cells and exfoliate the scalp and relieve dry flaky skin.

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