Kevin Murphy Rejuvenation Regifted Gift Set

£50.00 £64.00

The Kevin Murphy Rejuvenation Regifted Gift Set is the ultimate weapon to rejuvenating your hair. It will leave your hair feeling nourished and will take it back to its youthful shine. 

WORTH £64 - SAVE £14 💝

This set includes:

YOUNG.AGAIN WASH - Replenishing shampoo designed to rejuvenate hair to take it from dry, brittle, damaged hair to silky-smooth and a gorgeous shine. With ingredients specifically known for their anti-ageing benefit it leaves the hair looking and feeling young again.

YOUNG.AGAIN RINSE - Nourishing conditioner to transform dry, brittle hair. Delivers a unique complex of Amino Acids, essential oils and known anti-ageing ingredients. Promotes hair growth while hydrating and smoothing the hair.

YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER - Weightless spray that nourishes and restores softness, while making your hair more manageable. Perfect for taming fly aways and contains ingredients that deeply condition, leaving you with healthy looking hair.

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