Your Ideal Hair Care Plan For Vivid Colours

Struggling to maintain your intense colour? Follow our guide to perfectly preserved high maintenance colours here. 

You want to start with a shampoo that helps to lock in your tone. For this, we always love to recommend the Color Wow Color Security Shampoo. This shampoo helps to keep your colour bright and glossy whilst assisting the hairs density & scalp health. With Color Wow's patented sulfate free formula, hair maintenance has never been so easy!

The next step in your regime should always consist of a colour boosting treatment to help refresh your tone at home! Evo Fabuloso Colour Boosting Treatment is always our go-to here at Rosser, for instantly refreshed, intense tresses. 

To lock in flawless tones and nourish the hair, we always recommend to invest in a perfectly formulated colour protecting conditioner. The Color Wow Color Security Conditioner is one of our top recommendations for maintaining your hairs integrity and health.

Before styling, a moisturising, powerful product is a game changer in anyones routine! Color Wow Extra Strength Dream Coat is the ultimate addition to frizz-free results. This magical formula creates a protective shield around each strand creating a smooth, shiny look.


To complete your style, Color Wow Cult Favourite Hairspray is a lightweight, all-day flexible finishing product. Gently mist an arms length away and let it fall over your refreshed, head turning tresses.

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Written by Jessica Smith