Caring for curls like a boss!

The ultimate products to perming aftercare!

When it comes to choosing products and accessories to maintain your perm its essential to find ones truly designed for curly hair to help nourish, de-frizz, define and enhance the natural state and bounce of the curl.

Shampoo & conditioner:

Kevin Murphy Killer Curls wash & rinse help are infused with oat mink extracts to help give the curls the moisture boost they need as-well as it being lightweight to ensure that your curls wont be weighed down.

Styling creams/ products:

Kevin Murphy's Killer Twirls helps to define your curl, protect against humidity, promotes shine and offers heat protection with a lightweight formula to help keep the curls bouncy and not weigh them down. If you prefer a more rich product Kevin Murphy's Body.Builder is perfect for you to scrunch in to your curls to help define them but give them that extra strong hold you might be looking for and to also enhance body and volume throughout the hair.

Protective accessories for the hair:

The Silke London hair wraps are perfect to help give your curls the uttermost protection throughout the night as they are designed to prevent frizz or damage, boost moisture and shine and also help you save time in the morning with styling as it keeps the curls feeling bouncy and luscious. Silke London scrunchies are also the perfect hair accessories when you want to tie the hair up as they are made with 100% silk and have strong hold and also prevent any type of kink or damage in the hair. 

The GHD Detangling comb is also the perfect detangler for your permed curls with it wide teeth allows you to detangle the hair gently while still maintaining the shape of your desired curl. 

Written by Beverley Rosser