Extensions Haircare: TIPS

Want to know how to take of your hair extensions? Learn tips and tricks from our haircare experts on how to keep your hair extensions healthy and lasting longer.

Great Lengths:

Great Lengths are the most common type of hair extensions used in our Liverpool salon. Our clients are ADDICTED. Here is some of our useful tips on how to take care of your Great Lengths hair extensions.

  1. When washing your hair make sure you are using gentle massage movements
  2. Always shampoo twice
  3. Only apply conditioner from mid-lengths to ends as conditioner can cause your Great Lengths to slide out
  4. Always use heat protection to keep your hair healthy
  5. Brush through your Great Lengths bonds at least twice a day
  6. Apply a hair mask once a week to keep your extensions hydrated 

Here is some of our best selling products to take care of Great Lengths:

Great Lengths Oval Wooden Paddle Brush

Great Lengths Essential Gift Set - Daily Moisture



Wefts can be tricky to keep feeling hydrated and healthy. Here is our top tips on how to keep your weft feeling as good as new.

  1. Always shampoo twice 
  2. After shampooing, if your weft is knotted, blast dry your hair before brushing as wet hair is more fragile
  3. Apply a hydrating mask once a week 
  4. Sleep with your hair in a high bun or braid to keep your extensions from becoming knotted throughout the night 
  5. Leave your hair to dry naturally when possible 

Here is some of our favourite products for taking care of wefts:

 Moroccanoil Hydrating Mask, Intense

Kevin Murphy Young Again Oil

Tangle Teezer Original, Strawberry Passion

Written by Emily McCarten