Keeping Your Hair Healthy During Lockdown


 Like much of the rest of the world, you’ve probably been stuck inside your house for a few weeks (months!?) with your hair thrown up in a messy bun – there’s no one seeing you much these days anyway, right? That may be true, but that doesn’t mean you have to neglect taking care of your hair during quarantine! Trust us, your hair stylist will thank you when you finally make it back into her chair.


There’s never been a better time to start paying extra attention to your hair. It may feel like you’re getting all dressed up with nowhere to go, but that’s kind of the point! Things have been really tough for the last few months and we all need to take a break from the negativity and make time for things that make us feel immaculate – even if there isn’t anyone to show off for. It’s called self-care, okay!?


Hair Therapy

Take a moment and think about all the ways that quarantine has affected your life. Now, think about how it’s affected your hair’s life! Experimental hair dying sessions, days spent in a tangled bun, at-home hair cuts!? You might be in isolation, but we know what you’ve been putting your hair through behind closed doors…


Since there’s no telehealth access for your hair, you’re going to have to do some hands-on work. That means taking a deep dive into quarantine hair care products that are focused on strengthening bonds, replenishing moisture, and repairing damage.


Self-Isolation Bundle

We did some extensive research into the best products for repairing hair at home and put them all together in one bundle just for you! All of these products are professional salon quality because your hair deserves only the best – especially after months of missing your favorite stylist. Using only the best Kevin Murphy and Olaplex products which are the A listers of the hair world.


We’re talking’ clarifying cleanser to remove dry shampoo build-up along with other daily life pollution build up, repairing shampoo and conditioner to get your hair rich with moisture and protein, Giving you gorgeous shiny smooth hair ,  Intense bond repair treatment to keep your hair strong , helping to keep hair colour lasting longer and getting your porosity levels balanced. Finally, our amazing heat protectant just in case you’re feeling fancy and want to blow, curl, or straighten your hair, giving a massive 450 degree heat protection.


Self-Care Sunday Bundle

While we were looking for the best products for repairing hair at home, we figured we’d also pick out a few products that you can use just to give your hair some extra love. A self-care hair day is totally necessary, not only for the health of your hair, but for your mind! Taking the time out of your day to care for #1 (you) will make it easier to get through the rest of the week. When you start to feel like you need a mood boost in a few days, just grab your self-care bundle and repeat the process! We love self-love!


The Self-Care Sunday bundle can be used any day of the week. It has an amazing invigorating scalp scrub and wash by Kevin Murphy, it is designed to remove scalp build up and clear away flaky unwanted pieces that lay loose on your scalp , a luxurious hair masque to practically erase damage and make your hair feel Like A Virgin again, and much more!


Give your hair, and by extension yourself, some extra loving by using these hair care routines in quarantine. Just think about how shocked your friends will be when they see your hair came out of quarantine better than it went in!

Written by Beverley Rosser