Have you heard about the incredible hair hack your curls have been yearning for?!

Did you know that spending a third of your life in bed can actually affect your hair? It's true!

The founder of SILKE London, Maria Sotiriou, has been in the hair industry for over 35 years and she noticed that her hair was getting damaged while she slept. She realised that the friction against her pillowcase was causing breakage, split ends, frizz and unhappy hair cuticles.

Maria tried different methods to prevent this, but even the satin bonnets available on the market were causing the same issues. So, she came up with a solution! She created the SILKE London hair wrap, which is made of 100% mulberry silk. This hair wrap cocoons your hair while you sleep, allowing the natural magic of silk to improve your hair's health and creating a barrier against external damage. Pretty cool, right?

So say hello to longer, thicker and frizz free hair this year!

Written by Beverley Rosser