The New Salon Experience During the Post-COVID Era

After reopening our own doors on 4th July, we can safely say that we’re so glad to be back in the salon doing what we do best! From day one, our top priority at Rosser Hair has been the safety of our fabulous clients and staff, and we’ve made a lot of in-house changes to reflect this. 

Still hesitant to get back in the hairdressers’ chair? To put you at ease, we’re going to discuss some of the measures that salons up and down the country are likely to have put in place amid the coronavirus pandemic. These will hopefully ensure that your first visit to the salon is enjoyable, comfortable and above all, safe! 


1. Less hustle and bustle

A good salon is usually a busy salon - but upon your return, you’ll probably notice that things are a lot quieter. It’s likely that there will be less customers and staff members on the premises because of social distancing measures, which should hopefully put your mind at rest. 


2. No more refreshments

To help prevent the possible spread of COVID-19, you probably won’t be offered any cups of tea, coffee, water or sweet treats when you visit the salon. This is something we’ve unfortunately had to implement at Rosser Hair, but instead we’ve been handing out branded trolley coin keyrings to all of our lovely clients as a way of saying “sorry”!


3. A reduction in services

To ensure that appointments don’t overrun, your salon might have a limited number of services available. For example, certain hair repair and colour treatments that take a while to complete might have to be postponed to a later date.


4. No more hugs and handshakes

If you’re a ‘hugger’ who loves a warm human embrace, this new coronavirus world probably feels very unnatural to you! At the hair salon, you’ll have to refrain from giving your favourite stylist a big hug as physical contact must be avoided as much as possible.


5. PPE is the new norm

As cutting and styling hair requires hairdressers to get quite up close and personal, staff will be kitted out with masks or visors, aprons, gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep themselves and the clients as safe as possible. It may seem a little scary and intimidating at first, but you’ll soon get used to it! And you’ll feel a lot better knowing that you’re both safer because of it.


Alternatively, get salon-worthy hair at home

Although each salon will have its own specific set of practices, we hope that we’ve provided you with an insight into what it might look like when you return to the salon. If you’re still not ready to go back, then do not fear! We have a wide range of high-quality products that can give your hair the necessary love and nourishment that it deserves. 

From repair haircare to smoothing treatments, have a browse and order your perfect salon hair care products from Rosser Hair today!

Written by Beverley Rosser