Top Tips For Taking Care Of Coloured Hair

Many, if not most people have coloured their hair at some point, either to try a new style, express themselves boldly and vibrantly or as a way to colour grey hairs.

Whatever the reason, hair that has had a colour treatment using professional hair treatment products requires some extra care and attention to make sure the colour lasts and your hair stays shimmering and vibrant rather than frizzy or dry.


Wash Your Hair Less At First

Regardless of how often you traditionally wash your hair, you must wash your hair less after you have had your colour treatment, particularly at first to stop the colour from running and fading.

The ideal schedule is washing your hair twice or three times a week, but that of course depends on your average routine.


Use a Colour Protecting Shampoo And Conditioner

There are several great colour-protective products for all shades and types of hair, and picking the right product can help keep your hair looking soft without it looking fades.

Opt for shampoos with as few sulphates and parabens as possible, and choose a hydrating conditioner to stop your hair from becoming too brittle, particularly if you are prone to frizz or dry hair under normal circumstances.

Typically, the ingredients to avoid are sulphates, sodium chloride, petrochemicals and parabens to avoid brittleness.


Give Your Heat Tools A Holiday

If you are fond of blow-drying your hair, using straighteners or curlers, it is worth avoiding them at first, as they can cause serious damage to your hair due to the intense heat involved.

However, if you cannot do without your heat tools, try to lower their settings compared to what you usually have it set to, and use a heat-protecting spray that can work as a barrier to stop your hair from getting dry and straw-like.

Written by Sarah A