Top Tips To Make Dyeing Your Hair Simple

With a bright, bold, beautiful summer on the horizon, many people are deciding to give themselves a bright, bold, beautiful new look, and one of the most striking ways to do this is by changing your hair colour.

There are so many hair care products, stylists and hairdressers that can help accomplish a bold new look depending on your budget and indeed your bravery. Not everyone wants to recolour their own hair and that’s the reason why professional hair colourists exist.

However, for those who want to go it alone, there can be a lot to consider, but here are some top tips to make that recolour easier, even if it can’t make cleaning the bathtub afterwards any less time-consuming.


Look Beyond The Model On The Box

Nearly every single box of hair dye you can buy in a store will show a beautiful person on the box, their hair flowing majestically in the colour you want, but be warned that the colour you will actually get will be a shade or two lighter than the model’s hair.

This is not only because of the complexities of lighting in photography but also because of the strength of hair dye developers such as hydrogen peroxide, which lifts the hair colour and produces dramatic results, albeit not the exact ones you may be looking for.

Somewhere on the box, usually near the top, there is a swatch which will show how the colour is more likely to look.


Don’t Tie Your Hair Up

In a lot of adverts or TV shows where someone is dyeing their hair, they will often twist it up in a bun to get it out of the way. This is not a good idea, at least if you want your colour to stay even.

Instead, buy a colouring gown or wear something you do not mind getting dye on, and leave it down for the whole time.


Do Not Forget The Conditioner

Most hair dye kits come with a deep conditioner for a reason, and that is to close the cuticle after the dye has done its work. Skipping this step will lead to a much darker colour than you might be expecting.

Written by Sarah A