Transformation Thursdays!

Now that is what you call a transformation.

Are you a weft hair extensions wearer that hates the divide between the front of your hair and the weft? 

Many people love the weft at the back for a more blanket waterfall effect, but as we all know taking the weft too far forward causes issues. Tying hair back is a problem with visibility. Also traction Alopecia can occur if the wefts are taken into the front finer areas. 

Take a moment to appreciate this blend by Beverley. Using Great Lengths bespoke bonding to blend eyelash thin strands right up to this lady’s face area. Giving a beautiful lightweight natural looking blend into her weft. 
Beverley blended 3 shades at 16 inch to create a dimensional tonal yet bright blonde. Bespoke work is the key to creating these results. 

Whilst this lady’s weft will be re fitted approx every 6-8 weeks. Her bonds through the front will last between 4-6 months. 

Helping to maintain our clients bonds we have recommend her to use The Great Lenghs Maintenance pack.

This includes:

  • Great Lengths Shampoo: that helps maintain the strength and integrity of the Great lengths keratin bond.
  • Great Lengths High Performance Mask: An intensive treatment for severely damaged, dry or brittle hair. Visibly improves the look and feel of the hair by deeply hydrating both hair and scalp while protecting against new breakage and colour fading. Instructions: massage gently into wet hair, thoroughly rinse after 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Great Lengths Conditioner: The ideal conditioner to turn dry damaged hair into soft and shiny locks in only 60 seconds. It’s enriched with Aqua rich, Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil for ultimate hydration of the hair and scalp.
  • Great Lengths Anti-Tap Water: The ultimate finish. Protect your hair against daily environmental stresses, prevent dehydration and lock in hair colour with this specifically formulated mist. The pH-value of 3.2 pulls the cuticle of the hair together to heal the hair from the inside out. It promotes hair flexibility and moisture while ridding your hair of harsh chemicals found in most tap water.
  • Great Lengths Hair Extension Brush: Ideal for Great Lengths wearers, hair extension wearers or those with naturally thick hair. Designed to gently detangle curly and/or thick hair and to tame it from the roots to the tips without damaging hair extensions. Ideal for brushing long hair, including painless brushing of children’s long hair. Always remembering to brush from ends to root as-well to ensure you are not putting any extra pressure on to the bonds. 

If you have this issue or have a friend who does. Get in touch today to see how we can help to give you the perfect blend.

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Written by Beverley Rosser
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