Colour Saver - Edit

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Our new Kevin Murphy Colour Saving - Edit. Perfect for those who need help maintaining colour and tone to the hair. 

This Bundle includes:

Everlasting Colour Wash:  This is a colour protecting shampoo with pH sealing technology. A sulphate-free pH balanced shampoo that gently cleanses, closes the cuticle for shine and helps to lock colour in, while protecting hair strands from hard water mineral accumulation to guarantee shine.

Everlasting Colour Rinse:  This is a colour protecting conditioner designed with pH sealing technology. The Kevin Murphy Everlasting Colour Rinse is a colour locking conditioner that forms a protective layer that guards against colour loss and environmental stressors.

Everlasting colour  The lightweight leave-in spray that treats hair from the inside building strength from within to increase hair resistance for improved, stronger and healthier hair. Preserves colour vibrancy and protects hair from environmental stressors while nourishing, hydrating and repairing. Formulated with Chicory Root Extract to improve scalp health and hair hydration, shine and smoothness.


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