Alfa Italia Tropea Interchangeable Pro Styling Wand


The Alfa Italia Tropea pro styler takes multi tasking to new heights. Be the master of all things curls with this session kit must have. 3 titanium barrels clip easily into one base for ultimate curl creativity in a super compact package. Controlled heat up to 232ºC is delivered instantly to the barrel thanks to an advanced MCH heater and distributed evenly thanks to the lightweight titanium construction of each barrel.

Titanium Barrels - Fast becoming a favourite and got to option for professional stylists, this lightweight material offers superior heat conductivity and an ultra-smooth surface that makes for silky curls that shine like nothing you've seen before.

The MCH heater is safe and gentle. It emits far-infrared heat that instantly penetrates the cortex of the hair cuticle, heating from the inside outwards. The hair is heated evenly and in half the time of conventional heat, reducing the risk of damage.

Light weight - titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any material used in professional styling tools. The lightweight curler is incredibly durable and stands up to the toughest of professional environments.

The easy to use Digital Heat Control Interface allows for precise setting and monitoring of temperature from 121ºC up to 232ºC, the most important factor for getting consistently effective results. The auto-shutoff safety feature means no power gets wasted when not in use.

Protect your digits - Heat-resistant 3-fingered glove gives flexibility & more precise curling - without burning your fingers!

Agile - an easy grip, 9 foot 360° swivel cord made of heat-proof, up to 232ºC, rubber and a professional hook makes using and storing this tool super easy.

Dual Voltage 110–240 V - for international travel.

The Barrels

The 25mm curler; the most popular curl size for creating anything from classic or retro looks to modern voluminous styles. Curl and set, wait 10 minutes for the curls to cool, release, brush and style for the biggest, bounciest curls. Let hair air dry and curl the hair in alternating directions for a classic beach wave look.

The 25-19mm curler - This is perfect for creating curls that are tighter at the bottom and looser on the top with a less uniform feel. For an even more natural look, alternate the size of hair sections being curled and between wrapping the curls at the base or mid-length of hair.

The 19mm curler - ideal for creating vintage, textured looks, as well as curls that need to last all day and night. Curl the entire head of hair as the foundation for a beautifully messy chignon. Or even take a short, sleek bob from pin straight to textured and beachy.

The optional 32mm curler (available separately… not included) - best for creating soft voluminous waves with movement on longer hair. Curl and set in large sections using a gentle hold Hair Spray to achieve a rounder, bouncier look or curl in different directions to show layers.

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