Olaplex 4D Dry Shampoo


Olaplex No.4D contains bond building technology and also has cleaning, volumising, detoxing all in a dry shampoo. It is an innovative, volumizing style extender with ingredients that support a healthy scalp. No.4D clean volume detox is a dry cleansing formula with skincare science-inspired ingredients to detoxify and maintain scalp health between washes. 

The Olaplex No.4D is also as light as air, rice starch powerhouse oil absorption is paired with skin-soothing active ingredients to leave the scalp calm, comfortable and hair feeling soft, shiny and first-day health. 


Hair feels just washed clean without build-up.

. Key active ingredients cleanse hair.

. Detoxify the scalp.

Unclog pours.

Repel odours and damaging pollutants.  

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