Did Someone Say Wet To Styled In One?

Wave goodbye to time-consuming drying and styling with the newest GHD Duet-Style!

When using GHD's newest innovation, discover jaw-droppingly sleek & moisturised styles with no damage. While helping you achieve smooth & glossy hair, the Duet-Styler accommodates to each strand for a bespoke yet efficient experience. 

As well as creating luscious, glossy looks, the GHD Duet-Styler adds speed & health to your hair routine. Using state of the art Air-Fusion technology that channels an ultra-concentrated airflow through a custom-built drying chamber, expertly designed to work in combination with 4 smart low temperature styling plates. 

The GHD Duet-Styler maintains an optimal low styling temperature from root to tip with its distinctive infinity sensors, ensuring respect for your hairs natural moisture, with no sizzling or burning.

But its not over yet...

The GHD Duet-Style truly caters to all needs with the exclusive Shine Shot mode, transforming the Duet-Style into a GHD Styler in no time. Giving everlasting fresh styles and delivering frizz-free results.

With advantages like these...

  • 2x More Shine
  • 3.5x More hair Alignment
  • Frizz Free Results
  • Wet To Styled With No Damage
  • Air-Fusion Technology
  • Unique Air filter Eco Friendly Styling
  • Easy To Use
  • 45% Less Energy Consumption
  • Automatic Sleep Mode
  • Smart Styling plates 
  • Bespoke Acoustic System

Why Would You Want To Dry and Style your Hair When You Can Do Both At Once?


Written by Beverley Rosser