A Silke Hair Tie A Day, Keeps Un-wanted Damage Away!

Say Hello to the all new Silke Hair Ties at Rosser Hair.

A Super-Glam & Silky Smooth Essential...

No Damage!

Unlike traditional hair-ties made of abrasive material and often bound together with metal clasps that tug, split and snap hair mid-shaft, our SILKE hair ties are silky smooth all over. So putting your hair up, won't mean pulling it out as you let it down.

No Kinks!

The gentleness of the 100 percent silk prevents kinks. So you can switch from high pony & buns to letting your locks loose, comfortably, day to night, without a kink in sight.

Strong Hold.

A specially selected super elastic interior means you can run, walk, work and play without your pony moving an inch out of place.

But It Doesn't End There...

Give your hair the overnight boost it needs with the Silke Hair Wrap!

Eliminate Frizz, Promote Growth & Boost your hairs hydration effortlessly. When worn nightly the Silke hair wrap minimises damage & encourages the hairs natural oil to spread evenly from root to tip, helping you kiss goodbye to greasy hair days. A naturally nourishing time saver made with only the finest silks.


Written by Beverley Rosser