Unlock the secret to damage-free styling with GHD's newest Bodyguard Heat Protection Sprays!

Are you searching for the perfect heat protection for yourself... Look no further with GHD's newest Bodyguards catered for all hair types & hair needs.

GHD Bodyguard for Fine & Thin Hair:

If you have finer hair the newest GHD Bodyguard Spray is your new best friend! With its newest light weight formula is specially designed to protect your delicate locks from the damaging effects of heat styling tools, offering you heat protection up to 230 degrees. It helps to create a shield around each strand, preventing hate damage, split ends and overall damage without weighing the hair down. 


GHD Bodyguard for Coloured Hair:

If you have vibrant or any coloured hair the newest GHD Bodyguard for Coloured Hair was designed for you. Using its new lightweight formula and being infused with UV protection it helps to protect your hair and colour from any type of heat styling damage, giving you protection up to 230 degrees, as well as protecting your colour from fading off the UV rays from the natural sunlight. Also helping to condition the hair helping to prevent the cuticle layer from opening ensuring a sleeker, smoother finish. 


GHD Bodyguard for All Hair Types:

 GHD newest Bodyguard for all hair types is a must have for everyone, whether you have curly, straight, thick or fine hair this heat protection spray was made for you! This versatile spray is designed to work wonders on all hair types with its light weight formula helping to coat every hair strand to help ensure no damage from any type of heat styling as well as it helping keep the cuticle layer of the hair sealed. 

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Written by Beverley Rosser