Cutting Edge Chemistry For Softer, Stronger, Healthier Hair.

Introducing revolutionising hair care brand Epres. Created by world renowned scientise Eric Pressly, Ph.D, Epres is the future of high-performance hair care. 

Epres can be used at home or in salon & delivers professional-level, consistent results after every use. A patented one-step bond repair treatment creating endless health for your hair each & every time. 

Founder of Epres, Eric Pressley first discovered his talent for innovation while pursuing his Ph.D in materials science, working on everything from developing life-saving pharmaceuticals to inventing the bond-building category in hair. Powered by Pressleys cutting-edge chem,istry Epres is dedicated to creating scientifically advanced hair care solutions in patented, professional-grade formulas that are easy to use, easier on the environment and truly perform.

What is Epres?

Epres spray-on bond repair treatment penetrates deep within the hairs structure, delivering softer, shinier hair. Using Bio-diffusion technology, Epres continues to repair each strand even after the hair is dry. Targeting mechanical, chemical and thermal damage, Epres can be used 1-2 times per week alongside your normal hair routine.

How do I use Epres?

Pour contents of 1 concentrate vial into your Epres spray bottle. Fill to full line with water, shake well and apply. Leave to sit for a minimum of 10 minutes and cleanse as normal. Finally, enjoy your silky smooth hair.

What makes Epres chemistry cutting edge?

Acid Free

Quat Free


Phosphate Free

Gluten Free

Paraben Free

Cruelty Free

Preservative Free

Nut Free

PEG Free

Sulfate Free


Written by Beverley Rosser