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Color Wow

Make your colour-treated hair dazzle with our 4-step 'Color Wow' hair guide. 


Step 1. DREAM COCKTAIL COCONUT INFUSED: Mist lightly to the middle and ends of your hair. Roots can also be sprayed if desired, but it's generally the ends that need the most moisture.

Step 2. DREAM COAT: Apply the spray section by section to damp hair, ensuring all the hair is covered. Comb through to make sure no strands have been missed.

Step 3. Style as desired. Results are accelerated when heat is applied. Top tip: use the nozzle on hairdryer to get the best result.

Step 4. POP AND LOCK HIGH GLOSS FINISH: Apply a pea-sized amount to the palm of your hand, and rub both of your hands together to spread the product evenly. Glide your hands gently over the middle and ends of your hair, and apply any excess to the root area if required.

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Written by Beverley Rosser

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